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East Allen University Students Receive Professional Mentorship Opportunities
East Allen University Students Receive Professional Mentorship Opportunities
Posted on 01/25/2013


The freshman students at East Allen University are required to take a Careers course offered by Vincennes University. During the course of the semester, they have the opportunity to explore different career options. One activity that brings this exploration to life is an 8 hour job shadowing experience in a career of their interest. Students are able to set up a day with different employers in the community and spend the day on the job. Some students are only allowed to observe due to the nature of the job, while others actually receive ‘on the job’ experience. Students are responsible for setting up their job shadowing experiences which teach them the professionalism when speaking with other professionals. Upon completion of the job shadowing, students complete a short report and give an oral presentation to the class.


"I am grateful for all the business community members that were willing to allow our students in the workplace. Many times the age limit is 18 for these types of experiences and our business men and women were kind enough to allow our students to have these experiences. It is a tremendous opportunity to everyone that is involved" said Bonnie Bonelli, EAU Instructor.


(In photo l-r: Skip Balkenbusch, CEO of Associated, Anesthesiologists & Mentor, Victoria Garcia & Latajsha Tolbert, EAU students, Ms. Bonnie Bonelli, EAU Instructor and Mr. Doug Hicks, EAU Principal)