EAU Students Published in Poetic Power

EAU Students Published in Poetic Power
Posted on 05/20/2014
Jazzy Grice and Nicole Winans were picked by Poetic Power to have the following poems published.
Poetic Power is a student centered writing publication that allows students of all ages to be recognized for their creative writing. They will then be placed amongst all the winners in different categories and be picked for possible monetary prizes and scholarships. Each student is published in spring and fall editions of their books.
I hope that through my lovely string of truths
That I weaved so delicately through your veins
You find a way to pry me out
And let me soak up your sorrow
Even when I'm long gone and
Teetering on the edge of your conscious
I hope you remember me
I hope I'll still be able to make you feel
The way I do now
Jasmine Grice, Grade 10
East Allen University, IN
Without Her
A sweet smell filled the air.
The rushing wind flowed through my hair.
The sun beat down upon my face.
But I found no joy — not a trace.
"Run!" my mind screamed. "Go as far as you can!"
I just wanted an escape; I had no plan.
In a moment, my world had shattered.
What I once knew, now was scattered.
My entire life flipped upside down.
My only desire — to leave town.
She was gone — I wasn't ready to face it.
Left with an empty black hole; a bottomless pit.
Death had taken her before I knew.
Filled with unbelief — it couldn't be true.
I trembled; I shook; I cursed the ground.
In my sorrows, I began to drown.
I was left, only one part to a whole.
Stricken with grief, having lost all control.
It was the end; I couldn't start new.
Without her, I was gone too.
Nicole Winans, Grade 10
East Allen University, IN
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