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I want to extend a warm welcome to all the students, parents, and community members that support East Allen University. It is hard to imagine, but we will be starting our sixth year at East Allen University.  We have certainly tapped into the future of education as we continue to hear stories from our first graduating class about students who are either graduating this year or next year with their Bachelor’s Degree. Yes, it is true! We will have former graduates earning their Bachelor’s Degree after just three to four semesters at college. We now have living proof that the service, product, and the opportunity we provide students at EAU is exceeding what we promised our parents and students just six short years ago when we opened.

The partnership between East Allen County Schools and Vincennes University has given students the opportunity to achieve a minimum of a Core 40 diploma and the chance to earn an Associate’s Degree while still in high school (two years of college credits). The development of this unique and innovative school has raised the bar in the field of education. This new culture of expectations holds students, parents, and staff accountable, and it inspires each stakeholder to do their very best each day.

The teachers and support staff at EAU are student-centered, caring professionals who make the school an enjoyable place for students to learn and grow. The entire staff sets high expectations for all students and they provide dynamic lessons to help each student reach their highest potential. All staff members are highly trained professionals that will work collaboratively and tirelessly to provide a positive and productive learning environment for every student.

The core principals of EAU have, and always will, revolve around relationships, relevance and rigor.  This includes building relationships between students, parents, and staff; teaching a rigorous curriculum where students will earn up to 60 transferable college credits; be exposed to skills and careers of the 21st century; provide job-embedded professional development for all staff with continuous monitoring of our process as an early college academy.  Everything that we do has a connection and relationship to our end goal – ensuring all of our students have the skills to be prepared for college and to be career ready.

As each student begins this year at EAU, students will be embarking on a new chapter and adventure in their lives. Therefore, we hope to work with you and your student to help ease this transition. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the school. The administrative team, counselors, and instructors are here to serve you and your student.

Thank you for choosing East Allen University as your school of choice! We are looking forward to another wonderful school year!


With respect and appreciation,

Doug Hicks




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Date and Time: Sep 20, 2017 5:39AM-11:00AM (EST)

All EACS schools are operating on a two hour delay!  All schools will start and buses will arrive 2 hours later than usual.
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   EAU-Soccer vs. Howe Military (Co-Ed)
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